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The 7 Best Immune-Boosting Supplements

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The 7 Best Immune-Boosting Supplements

We’ve compiled a list of the perfect supplements to stock up on so you can keep your system running smoothly.

With COVID-19 becoming a larger and more worrisome epidemic across the globe, keeping your immune system in excellent shape is more important than ever. We’ve compiled a list of the perfect supplements to stock up on so you can keep your system running smoothly.


Vitamin C

This antioxidant vitamin protects your cells against free radicals, energizes your healing process, and helps your body form blood vessels, muscle, and collagen. Your body doesn’t produce vitamin C naturally, so it’s crucial you get it from foods, like citrus, berries, bell peppers, leafy greens, and tomatoes. Additionally, a variety of vitamin C-rich gummies, chewable tablets, and more can be found at your local health food store.


Vitamin D

After sunlight causes a chemical in your skin to produce it, vitamin D works hard to protect several areas of your body, like your immune system, bones, heart, lungs, brain, and more. Since there’s not a wide variety of vitamin D-rich foods (besides salmon, egg yolks, and certain mushrooms) and sunlight is scarce in winter, almost everyone can benefit from supplements. Many vitamin D supplements are available, most notably cod liver oil capsules.


Oil of oregano

Not just for adding flavour to your Italian dish, oregano has anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects that have long been used for respiratory disorders, heartburn, and menstrual cramps. Best taken in oil form, just a few drops underneath your tongue is a great method for ingestion; otherwise, capsules are available as well.



Echinacea can be taken in variety of ways, from capsules to liquid extracts, or just as a nice hot cup of tea. Equipped with an abundance of antioxidant phenols and alkamides, this helpful plant is a fantastic natural booster for immune health.



One of the most popular herbal remedies, this root grows in Korea, China, and North America. Past research has suggested that ginseng could help in increasing energy, sharpening cognitive function, providing anti-inflammatory effects, and preventing the flu. Brew yourself up a tasty cup of ginseng tea for a wonderful pick-me-up!



Protection against vampires, a delicious recipe staple, and now one of the top immune system helpers.  What can’t garlic do these days? Having been studied for its potential to kill cancer cells, aid inflamed muscles, and fight against E. coli in foods, garlic can go beyond adding flavor to your next meal, either raw or cooked. Consider taking it in supplement form as well.



Another antioxidant and anti-inflammatory superstar, this flavonoid is found in red wine, berries, green tea, onions, and ginkgo. Its unique biological components even contain antihistamines to help with allergies, so be sure to give this surprising supplement a try before allergy season rolls in!

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