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United States COVID-19 Statistics

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Building happy, healthy brains

In the new reality introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic, kids may be showing signs of worry and stress. It could be a natural reaction to concern demonstrated by adults, or because of news coverage and

4 Diabetes Game Changers

Along with the typical front-line treatments of insulin and oral medication, a variety of strategies and technologies may help people with diabetes manage their blood sugars. It’s essential to consult

3 Simple Steps to Ease Eczema

Those who have experienced eczema know how uncomfortable the skin rashes can be. Fortunately, three simple steps can help us manage this condition, naturally.In Canada, it is estimated that 17 percent
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Saffron Chicken with Dried Apricots and Chickpeas

This warm and satisfying dish pays homage to slow-cooked North African tagines, but comes together in no time, combining sweet apricots with savoury and tender vegetables, legumes, and chicken. As wit

A Cure For Wellness

Wellness is a growing phenomenon that pushes people to make choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. With more people practising wellness, consideration must be given to the ways in which privile

Grill Master

Great grate A spotless grate goes a long way toward preventing your salad ingredients from sticking. It also helps avoid imparting an unappetizing burnt flavour. The best time to clean the grate, usin

Rhubarb Strawberry Collagen Jam

This simple condiment is perfect to jazz up your next meal. Whether you use it on toast paired with nut butter, drizzled on pancakes, dolloped on oatmeal, whisked into a salad dressing, or stirred int


Rhubarb Strawberry Collagen Jam

This simple condiment is perfect to jazz up your next meal. Whether you use it on toast paired with nut butter, drizzled on pancakes, dolloped on oatmeal, whisked into a salad dressing, or stirred int

Pandemic Parenting

It’s seems like an eternity since Canada reported its first COVID-19 case in January. Today, we’re slowly returning to a “new normal.” This season has been heartbreaking and stressful, especially for

Vegan Fashion is on Trend

When most people hear the word vegan, the first thing that comes to mind is a diet free from animal products. But veganism is about more than what’s on your plate; it’s a lifestyle dedicated to enviro

Simple Swaps for Your Zero Waste Journey

Make simple swaps When it comes to your Zero Waste journey, picking one change to make at a time is easier than overhauling your entire life at once! Here are a few ideas to inspire you. Bathroom:Use

Orca Conservation

For 23 years, Troy Bright has been watching whales. When I meet him on the shore of Beautiful Bay on Malcolm Island, BC, on a hazy late August afternoon, he is perched atop a log, hydrophone system at

Is your sunscreen doing the trick?

We’ve all heard it—as pleas from caring parents, product taglines, or public service announcements: “Wear sunscreen to prevent skin cancer!” During summer months we comply—rubbing, spritzing, and slat

Eco-friendly Food Storage

Earlier this year, Justin Trudeau announced that Canada will ban harmful single-use plastics as early as 2021. This is great news for Canada and for our planet. The sad truth is that less than 10 perc

Go Zero Waste

How much garbage do you generate? What about recycling or food waste? The Zero Waste movement is swiftly picking up momentum around the world, prompting people to rethink plastic, packaging, and consu

Elevated eats for felix and fido

Canadians love their animal companions: more than half of us are proud pet owners. And our interest in natural nutrition for our best friends is on the rise. Read on for options to help your pet live


Fire Roasted Sweet Potatoes

You might want to make a couple extra of these. As sweet potatoes cook, their sugars caramelize and ooze through the skins, combining with the smokiness of the fire for a completely addictive side dis

Taco Night Jackfruit Carne Asada with Guacamole, Salsa Fresca, and Coconut

If you’ve never cooked with jackfruit before, prepare to be amazed. When cooked down, the immature fruit eventually shreds into tender strands reminiscent of braised beef or pork. Make sure you buy yo

Caramelized Pecan Pudding Cake

“You’ll be dreaming of this molten caramel skillet cake with sweet cinnamon, dates, vanilla, and pecans long after your camping trip is over.” Must have cooking tools You probably won’t be hiking all

Black “Caviar” Lentils Tumbled Over Creamy Yogurt with Mint

In this recipe, West meets East. Black lentils, aptly nicknamed “beluga caviar,” given their look, are grown in the west in cool, dry climates. We’ve paired them with a hint of Middle Eastern flavours

Health News

Feeling Stressed?

We tend to think of stress as a modern malady, but you’d better believe that the pharaohs of ancient Egypt and the emperors of Rome suffered their fair share of anxious moments.* The herbs ancient civ

Sleeping for Better Health

Getting better sleep is probably the most underrated strategy we can adopt for better health. Research scientists are spending many waking hours learning more about the critical importance of sleep to


Beat Those Beauty Bag Bugs

Most of us are unaware that our beauty bags are hubs for bacteria, yeast, and fungi. A recent study found 79 to 90 percent of cosmetics were contaminated with potential harmful bacteria and fungi. Bea

Natural Men’s Grooming Shopping List

There’s a multitude of natural and eco-friendly men’s grooming products available at natural health stores to choose from! Here’s a sample shopping list:natural toothpaste (consider powder or tablets


Is Yin Yoga For You?

In Yin yoga, poses are held for up to eight minutes. Find out how you can benefit from this passive style of yoga.Ashtanga, Iyengar, restorative, hot, flow, and power—there are a variety of yoga style

Embrace the Canadian Winter

Getting outside is fun--even in winter! With a little planning and preparation, you can still enjoy the great outdoors.Have you noticed that your exercise routine gets harder to maintain as the days g

Improve Your Flexibility

Flexibility is much more important than many of us believe. Here\'s why it\'s so crucial for healthy aging, and how you can improve.When was the last time your fingers said hello to your toes? Canada’s

Easy Office Exercises

We know that being sedentary is harmful to our health—but working in an office may not give us a chance to move around as much as we would like. Along with several tips for workplace ergonomics, we of
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Immunity Gets Personal

In The Immune Power Personality (Dutton,1995), Henry Dreher outlined how character traits can build resistance to disease. Since then a range of experts have supported Dreher’s conclusions. What are s

Investigating Immunosenescence

Immunosenescence is the study of the decline of the immune system as we age. Boost your immunity with our 10 tips for a strong immune system.A healthy immune system is vital for our survival against t

Family Fun Month

Celebrate Family Fun Month by enjoying the wonders of nature together--at a park, in the forest, or in your own backyard.Families that create fun traditions have something to get excited about and to

Kids’ Nutrition

Iron, vitamin A, calcium, and magnesium are important nutrients for kids\' health. While we may associate nutrient deficiencies with developing countries, even some Canadian kids aren\'t getting enough