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Natural Men’s Grooming Shopping List

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Natural Men\'s Grooming Shopping List

There’s a multitude of natural and eco-friendly men’s grooming products available at natural health stores to choose from! Here’s a sample shopping list:

  • natural toothpaste (consider powder or tablets to help reduce plastic packaging)
  • skin care, such as cleanser, toner, and moisturizer
  • deodorant (check out those with eco-friendly packaging)
  • shampoo/conditioner (solid bars are very popular these days)
  • hair styling products, such as wax or pomade
  • beard oils
  • shaving products, such as shaving oils or solid soaps and brushes
  • plastic-free safety razors with recyclable blades (or consider a straight razor)
  • soap (bar or refill soap is the most sustainable)

This is a web exclusive for the article “Men’s Natural Grooming Primer” from the June 2020 issue of alive magazine.

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